Value and impact of health libraries and librarians

The Medical Library Association has recently added a page highlighting studies of librarian impact in health settings. The main themes that came out of the comprehensive searches that underpin the project were:

  • Librarians improve clinical decisions and quality of patient care
  • Librarian-lead training equips clinicians to deliver more rational, evidence-based care 
  • Librarians improve the quality of research
  • Librarians help reduce healthcare costs

The page will hopefully serve as an advocacy tool for those who need to demonstrate value and for stakeholders who would benefit from increased awareness of librarian impact. 

Disclosure: I was involved in the early stages of the project, identifying the core set of studies referenced throughout. We searched MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, Google Scholar, and other resources to find the topnotch studies. The goal wasn't too include all impact studies - there are a lot of them - but the strongest. If you would like us to add a new study, reach out to the main contact on the page (who is by strange coincidence the present author). 


Oral condition of the Franklin crew

I made a small contribution to a study on the oral condition of the Franklin crew that's getting some media attention. The best part of all is chatting with Russ about the expedition and his excursions North - a true delight. 


Original article


Competency Framework for Systematic Reviews

A number of colleagues and I proposed a competency framework for librarians involved in systematic reviews. The result was published in JMLA


In which the narrator presents two piano pieces recently discovered

I recently listened to the course The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works (through Audible). Here are the two discoveries:

Schumann - Kreisleriana - Schnell und spielend 

Debussy - Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest (prelude)


ACRL Talk on Systematic Reviews

Whitney and I were recently invited to give a talk on systematic reviews to an ACRL audience. The talk is on YouTube. I come in about halfway through.