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Oral condition of the Franklin crew

I made a small contribution to a study on the oral condition of the Franklin crew that's getting some media attention. The best part of all is chatting with Russ about the expedition and his excursions North - a true delight. 


Original article


Good Intro to SR Searching


Precision vs Recall

"The challenge facing all systematic review searchers is to balance the goal of high recall against the workload created by low precision searches."  Yes.  Balance.  I couldn't agree more.

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Sampson, M., Tetzlaff, J. and Urquhart, C. (2011), Precision of healthcare systematic review searches in a cross-sectional sample. Res. Synth. Method, 2: 119–125. doi: 10.1002/jrsm.42


Undergraduate Search Training Is Not Sufficient for EBM Searching

Every so often I come across a paper that suggests students & clinicians perceive themselves to be extremely competent searchers.  And every so often I come across a paper that suggests otherwise.  And every so often I point out such studies on this site (E.g.: Here. Here. Here. And here).  

Now here's one that suggests undergraduate search training does not adequately prepare students for the searches needed in clinical contexts.  (Which is why we have developed such a rigourous training program at Umich).

 (Critical summary in EBLIP)


Author Disambiguation

Good, but unfortunately not a universal solution:

author searches entered in the PubMed search box will continue to display in the default sort order. 

This change will have no impact on the direct author searches I generally run, but maybe(?) this computation will be stretched across the site at some point?  I'm hopeful, anyway.